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Manebassador responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Generating awareness and excitement for The Mane Choice brand, via your social media accounts, with posts to help boost engagement and awareness, and drive sales at local retail partners.
  • Using your social media platforms and your personal network to enhance events and drive brand engagement on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter by creating original content---which consists of a minimum of TWO (2) WEEKLY POSTS on one or more of your social media accounts.
  • Speaking of The Mane Choice in a positive light, believing in the brand/products, and being sure to relay that message to your audience.
  • Maintaining an open line of communication with your assigned contact at The Mane Choice, weekly.
  • Providing insights, photos, and required documentation of each activity to your assigned contact at The Mane Choice by the due date.
  • Being responsible with your image (no vulgarities, nudity, inflammatory topics/scandals surrounding your brand).
  • Being CREATIVE, informative, professional, and fun! 

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*Please note that a team member of The Mane Choice will observe your provided social media accounts to ensure that you are actively participating as a Manebassador and representing The Mane Choice in the best light. Participation in the Manebassador program is voluntary and can be terminated at any time.