TMC VIM Loyalty Program FAQ's

For our most devoted customers, we've introduced a new and improved VIM [Very Important Mane] Loyalty program for your commitment to our business. As a VIM Loyalty member, you’ll earn points with each purchase from our website and for engaging with our brand through social media and other platforms. Once you earn enough points, you may redeem them for discounts on future purchases.

Becoming a member is easy! If you currently have a general user account on our website, then simply click the “LOGIN” button at the top of this page and sign in with your account username and password. 

If you do not have a general user account on our website, click on the “JOIN NOW’ button at the top of this page and follow the sign up process. This should sign you up as a VIM Loyalty member as well as a general user on our website. When the sign up process is complete, you should receive a confirmation email and should be automatically signed into your account.

Once logged in, the VIM Loyalty page should be active and should display your loyalty details, including your point count, additional rewards campaign opportunities, as well as the redemption options available to you.

Tip: If you are logged in but still see the “JOIN NOW” and “LOGIN” buttons at the top of the page, try refreshing your browser. If you see a welcome message instead of those buttons, then you are logged in and ready to go!

We appreciate each and every one of you who were early loyalty members and we are committed to ensuring that the transition to our new loyalty platform is as seamless as possible.

As part of the transition process, we have migrated existing members into our new loyalty platform and placed them within their respective tiers (ie. Starter Mane, Golden Mane, or Royal Mane) based on a retroactive amount spent since January 1st 2021.

Although it was our full intention to make the transition into our exciting new loyalty platform as seamless as possible, we apologize in advance for any issues that may occur during the process.

If there happens to be any issues or discrepancies with your account, you may reach out to us with your concerns by email ( or through our on-site customer service chat, and we will gladly assist you further.

As a VIM Loyalty member, you can earn points through the following activities*:

• Creating a VIM Loyalty account = 25 points

• Purchases through our website = Points earned per dollar spent (depending on your tier)

• Happy Birthday gift (because we love you!) = 100 points (annual)

• Like us on Facebook = 5 points

• Follow us on Instagram = 5 points

• Follow us on Twitter = 5 points

• Follow us on TikTok = 5 points

• Subscribe to us on Youtube = 5 points

• Completing our Hair Quiz = 25 points

• Shopping our site during multiplier events = Earn bonus points during exclusive multiplier events as advertised

• Earn 50 points by achieving tier two (Golden Mane) status by spending between $400-$749 in a 12-month period (one-time only)

• Earn 50 points by achieving tier one (Royal Mane) status by spending $750 or more in a 12-month period (one-time only)

• Referrals = Earn up to $10 (in points) for each unique referral that results in their first purchase of $35+ in value

*Please refer to the “Ways to Earn Points” section of our VIM Loyalty page for more information. Points earned for successful completion of certain engagement campaigns, including social media follows and hair quiz completion, are limited to a one-time per member basis. Redemption of points may not be combined with any other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions. Please refer to the terms or conditions of specific sales events on our website for clarification.

As a VIM Loyalty member, you may redeem points for discounts on any eligible purchase, where every 100 points is valued at $5 before applicable taxes or shipping charges. A simple value guide would like this:

• 100 Points = $5 Off

• 200 Points = $10 Off

• 300 Points = $15 Off

• 400 Points = $20 Off

There are two easy ways to redeem your available points:

1: When placing an order (on the checkout page), a points redemption dropdown module will allow you to redeem your eligible points right then and there for an instant discount.

2: On the VIM Loyalty page, under the “How To Use Your Points” section, you will find “Redeem” buttons which will be activated according to your redeemable points total. Clicking these will generate a unique coupon code for you to apply during the checkout process.

Redemption of points may not be combined with any other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions. Please refer to the terms or conditions of specific sales events on our website for clarification.

Once logged into your account, your points balance will be displayed on your Account page as well as the VIM Loyalty rewards page.

VIM Loyalty points do expire after 12 months of inactivity. In this context, inactivity refers to customers who have not earned or redeemed any points within a 12-month time frame.

The three VIM Loyalty tiers are as follows:

Starter Mane: Annual spend between 0-$399

Golden Mane: Annual spend between $450-$74

Royal Mane: Annual spend of $750+

The higher the tier, the greater the benefits! New members who join the VIM Loyalty program are placed in the Starter Mane tier by default, and as they achieve certain points thresholds, they will be leveled up to the next tier. As members advance into higher tiers, they unlock additional benefits, redemption opportunities, and the ability to earn even MORE loyalty rewards!

VIM Loyalty tier status is based on a rolling year term, where members may remain in their tier for a 12 month period as long as they continue to meet the eligibility requirements of that tier (ie. annual spend). A member’s tier status will be automatically renewed or re-graded following the 12 month period based on their activity.

No worries! If you have redeemed your points for a discount code but have not completed a purchase with the code applied, then the code will still be active until you are ready to use it. Your points count will still be deducted based on the points amount redeemed, however, you can still access and use the discount code at any time. The code will be accessible through email notification and your “Rewards History” button on the loyalty rewards page. 

To refer a friend, start by heading over to the "Refer a Friend" module above or the dedicated Referrals page.

Then, complete the quick referral process and share your referral link with family or friends via email, direct link, SMS or social messaging app.

Once they receive and click on the link, they will be redirected to our website and will be welcomed with a unique discount code that can be used to apply a $10 discount to their first order valued at $35 or more (before shipping fees and taxes).

Please note that the referral discount code can only be applied if their shopping cart order value is $35+.

Once the referral purchase has been completed, you will be notified and rewarded with 200 VIM Loyalty points ($10 in value).

You can track your referral history through the on-page referral modules or the 'Rewards History' tab on your account page.

As a VIM Loyalty member, you will be rewarded $10 worth of loyalty points (200 points) for each successful referral that leads to a first purchase valued at $35+ (before shipping fees and taxes).

The points will be automatically added to your points total as soon as the referral purchase is completed.

You do not necessarily need to be a VIM Loyalty member to make a referral; however, you will need to be a member in order to redeem the points you earn.

If you are not signed into a registered account during the referral process, you will first be asked to provide your name and email address. The points earned through the referral will be linked to the email address you provide and will be redeemable with a membership created using that same email address.

As long as you use the same email address, points earned will continue to be linked to it in the background and will be redeemable with an active membership or account registered using that email address.

If you have an account and are logged in, you will not be asked to enter your name or email address at the beginning of the referral process.

To review the The Mane Choice VIM Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions as well as the CCPA Notice of Financial Incentive, click here.

Please feel free to reach out through email ( or our on-site customer service chat.