8 Uplifting Children’s Books About Natural Hair

These selections are nothing short of beautiful, and empowering.

Natural hair is nothing short of wondrous, diverse, and beautiful. Our coily, curly crowns are not limited to one texture or shape and can explore limitless hairstyles. Within the last decade, hundreds of entertaining, and joyous reads for parents and children in search of literature celebrating the endless beauty of their hair are more accessible than ever. And we have made the search much easier for you.

Below we have compiled 8 titles that will be the perfect additions to your child’s bookshelf and will take your little reader through an immersive, illustrative journey, guiding them through why their tresses are magical and one-of-a-kind.

My Big Natural Hair, Written by C.J Baker and Illustrated by Jerrell Grimes

Following the story of a little girl named Amara, readers learn about her weekly natural hair routine and what makes her unique as she tries different hairstyles. Ideal for children between the ages of 4-8 years old, this 41-page book is sure to be a fan-favorite in your household.

Coco Loves Her Curly Hair, Written by Colleen Dixen

The first book within The Little Coco Series is a magical tale following Coco. She is a little girl on the search for self-love and loves experimenting with her hair. Embracing the differences of everyone and their individuality, Coco is an inspiration to anyone who reads this 34-page book.

My Curly, Coily Crown, Written by Darcel Croft

Yana is brave, courageous and wants to inspire little girls with curls. This 28-page tale celebrates the beauty of natural hair and the glory of her amazing, coily tresses.

Hair Love, Written by Matthew A. Cherry and Illustrated by Vashti Harrison

There are so many wonderful things to say about “Hair Love,” but we will start by saying that the New York Times Bestseller is a must read. Following a little girl named Zuri, the book explores the relationship with her hair and the love between father and daughter as he cluelessly tries to help her style her mane.

Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut, Written by Derrick Barnes and Illustrated by Gordon C. James

The winner of endless prestigious honors and book prizes, “Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut” details the brilliance of the barbershop and dives deep into how Black boys see themselves and the significance of getting a fresh cut. This 32-page book is the perfect gift for children 3-8 years old.

Don’t Touch My Hair!, Written by Sharee Miller

When Solange Knowles affectionately sang, “Don’t Touch My Hair” on the 2016 album, “A Seat At The Table”, we all felt that - deeply. Entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this 40-page book follows Aria, a young girl with fluffy curls who teaches the importance of asking for permission before trying to reach for her hair.

Hair Like Mine, Written by Latashia M. Perry and Illustrated by Bea Jackson

A part of the Kids Like Mine series, this 32-page book details the journey of a little girl who notices that her natural curly hair looks different from other kids, and she doesn’t like it. To help her look at the beauty in differences, she’s on the hunt to find someone with hair like hers. This book is ideal for children who have questions about their hair and why their curly, coily hair is special.

Bedtime Bonnet, Written by Nancy Redd and Illustrated by Nneka Myers

Unveiling the beauty of nighttime hair traditions, this 40-page book is ideal for children who want to know more about this intentional practice. From the bonnet to the head scarf to the durag, this fascinating book by Nancy Redd is a multi-generational celebratory story wrapped into a fun, children’s book.

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