Curly Hair

Curly hair forms a definite 360-degree curve in a combination of s-shaped patterns like ringlets, spirals, and corkscrews, from roots to ends. In its most healthy state, curly hair has sheen and benefits from moisture enriched ingredients and products. Since the natural oils produced at the scalp get trapped and aren’t easily dispersed beyond the mid-shaft, curly hair is susceptible to becoming dry. It is prone to frizz, and tangles easily, especially when lacking moisture. Best products are creams, butters, and nourishing gels that define and promote moisture retention.

Don't Forget The Mask

Hydrating and moisture retention formulas that soften and absorb into the hair is key.

Styling Aids

Alternating between a traditional shampoo and co-wash will ensure a healthy balance when cleansing without stripping the hair of moisture.

10 products
10 products