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The best.....that's all!
Shampoo is heaven sent❤️
My husband lovesssssss it! 💙👑
This is everything! My hair loves it!!!
This product NEVER let’s me down 💜👏🏾🤗
My twist outs be popping because of this!
I love the effortlessly laid back edge control!!!
I love this stuff heaven for my 4c type of hair 😍😍
Love that towel! Just the right size & Everything!💕
Absolutely true it’s been working really well for me!!!
We love this stuff for our son. Can’t get enough of it.
Green Tea and Carrot Is My Miracle product PERIOD 🤤💚. 
I just cancelled my eco gel for this 🙌🏽 amazing product
Deep conditioning game changer!!! 💜💜💜 #teampurplebottle
I am ADDICTED to the prepoo. Can't go without it now!! 😍😍
Love the braid out glaze. It's one of my staples 💜💦💣🙌🏾
This is the best product I ever use on my girls hair😍😍😍😊
Been using this for 3 days and already can tell a difference!
Prepoo from the Gods 🙌🏾. I don't have a wash day without it
This collection has saved my life! It also smells amazing!!! ☺️
These products gave my hair so much moisture! Love this line😍😍
The sealing cream is the truth!! Hair moisturized for daysss🙌🏾
I love this stuff!! It is AMAZING and leaves my hair so soft 😍😍
The satin bonnet is amazing!! Best thing in my accessory bin 💜💜
Love my bonnet! I don't even have to pineapple anymore it's perfect!
After using it my hair feels hydrated, soft, light and bouncy. I love it
the hair mask is my faaaaave. Leaves my hair smelling so good and so soft
Best edge control ever! It definitely withstands this Las Vegas heat huny!
Yesssssss the Bold Buttery Gel is really amazing! The shine & hold is 💣💣
I love this product def leaves my hair extra soft and moisturized I love it
❤️ this product Pink Lemonade Curl Boosting Sherbet!!!🙌🏾 I’m on my third jar.
I loveeee how this helps moisturize my hair and bring my curls out ❤❤❤ thank youuu
The mousse is the bomb! Perm rods use to only last a day before I started using it. 
It’s the truth. Products that work, look and smell good. What more can you ask for...
My favorite product, hands down! I swear it'll have the comb gliding through your hair.
My husband friends are hooked they send me money every month to go pick it up from Sally’s
The curl boosting sherbet is my fav! First styling product I’ve tried by you and I’m in love
I love everything in this line. It's made my chemically damaged hair so strong and healthy😍
I am obsess with this hair product 🙌🙌it’s amazing !!! I use it on my relaxed hair 💁🏽💁🏽
I’m loving my results, my edges are completely filled in and the hair is thick. Great product !
doesn't get much butter than this
My hair is definitely thicker and has grown. I have also noticed that my nails are stronger too.
This stuff is BOMB! My hair detangles so easily and feels so good after using this in the shower!
I have this body wash and it smells sooooo yummy 🤤💓I have sensitive skin also and it works good
This new collection is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. I am in love with how soft and strong my hair feels, perfect balance.
Love using this for my wash and go ! Let the hair air dry ... separate and hair full with luscious curls !
Love the mask and the split end treatment. But the 24K gives me life, I keep a nice stash for my twist outs
I love this oil y’all it really works it’s growing my hair back thicker and longer ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ THIS IS A MUST BUY
I am amazed at how minimal my shedding has been ever since I incorporated this product into my hair regimen 🙌🏾😜
NEVER had a natural hair Staple until I discovered @themanechoice Heavenly Halo #prepoo Thank you @courtneyadeleye
I just used the Heavenly Halo body wash and oil + lotion for the first time today 😭😖🗣🙌🏾😫😤 OMG it was amazing!! 
I love this one almost out need to reorder soon 💜but it leave your skin super soft 💜and love the smell sweet 🍬 💜💜
I got my shears and immediately snipped a curl and they are the bomb! Like hands down the best pair I have ever owned!
I've used 2 whole bottles for my baby and so far, so good. Makes her hair soft and easier to comb...and smells great too.
My FAVORITE collection 💕 Really does what it says it will do👏🏽 My curls and I thank you greatly for this @themanechoice
I am in love with the Mane Choice line. My hair has never felt or looked better. My curls last longer and are softer😍😍😍
Yessss.... I love it!!! The best I’ve tried so far, 3 years into my natural hair journey!!! Better late than never 🤷🏽‍♀️
Let me tell you THIS shampoo and conditioner is SAVING my hair!!!!! I absolutely love it !!! Thank you @themanechoice 😘😘
I’ve been taking them since I started transitioning to natural. That was 2014. My hair has never been so thick and healthy.
These are the TRUTH hand's down.. i been putting my family on these vitamin since day one.. Yall deserve bragging rights. 😁
I have tried many of products.This line of products works for me. It's my #1 choice....The Mane Choice...#ladies a must have
I'm so grateful for the type 4 line! My daughter's 4c hair is instantly transformed into a way more manageable head of hair!
I've began to use this product on my little ones hair. It works beautifully!! She loves the smell that it leaves on her hair!
I have and love the pink lemonade mousse. It smells amazing and works great for twists,twistouts and rod sets on my texture.😍❤️
I have edges now thanks to this! And my hair is almost bra strap length now! Your line is everything!!! 🙌 thank you for saving my hair !!!
This collection is ERRRYTHANG! It has transformed my dry hair after one use! I have clumped curls with so much body, and it smells so good!
My favorite product by far!! I got the whole line and my hair has never felt sooo soft!! Thank you @themanechoice you rock!! #type4andproud
No Wash Day without it!!! BEST HAIR TOWEL EVER DESIGNED!!! Super absorbent and dries quickly. Lightweight yet a powerhouse at zero frizz!!!
This is magic potion with a pump, I have to force myself to stop playing in my hair because the softness is amazing. A little goes a long way.
The 4 leaf clover line thus far has been the game changer for my household. Can't wait to try the do it fro the culture line 😌 @themanechoice
These products have made my babys hair so soft and has completely stopped her craddle cap. I'm so glad I got it and it smells so good.💜💜🇨🇦
I just used your hair mask last night and I can’t stop running my fingers through my hair. It’s so soft! You have a happy customer here! 🙋🏾‍♀️
Those vitamins must be dropped from heaven because my hair has really gotten extremely thicker and longer. I’ve only been using them for a month.
I just took my protective style out from 2 weeks and my hair is still sooo buttery and soft from this butter. I was amazed (heart eyes) @themanechoice
I tried the 3in 1 the other day and OMG!!! My hair felt so soft, hydrated and moisturized 😍 the best part was that I could finger detangle my hair 😱😱😱
Love your products I use the sweet strawberry moisturizer and green apple leave in conditioner and detangler on my son hair and it’s gives his curls life....
I absolutely love the alligator clips!! They are so easy on my hair and doesn't snag on my ends! They're perfect!! Shoot all of your products are the bomb! Lol
😍😍 I absolutely love this product. After the first use I definitely felt a difference. I purchased the whole ancient Egyptian line. Mane choice fan for life 💜💛
I tried the moisturizer on my ponytail puff and I'm blown away! I love how it melts without leaving residue, captures my curls pattern and keeps it moisturized! 💜
I bought the collection from Sally’s back in March and I don’t even remember my hair ever being this soft and hydrated 😩 never knew I actually had a curl pattern 👌🏾
I LOVE this line!!! My baby girl has super soft moisturized skin and the smell is just ahhhh 😩😍👏🏾🙌🏾 I can’t get enough of sniffing her constantly after bath time!
Those crocodile clips are such high quality!!! I’ve never seen a clip like it, they have a rubber like feel to them , which helps them to not slip out of your wet hands.
I just used this collection for my wash day! I don’t have type “🍀” hair, but it was an awesome experience so this collection works great for type 3 curls as well! 💚🙌🏾💜
this is the best omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍 I use this to soften and detangle my hair when I do my rod sets. I can not live without it!!!!!!! STAPLE PRODUCT PEOPLE!!!!
Every since I bought this combo my fiancé keeps saying “Baby your skin is super soft. What you been using?” I reply...”Ancient Egyptian Honey because I’m a Goddess!” He 💜it...
Yes!!! Love your products and its great when my Dr. said it was OK to replace my multi vitamin for yours. Yours are so much tolerable and easy to swallow💜💜💜💜💜 #TeamPurple4Life
This is currently saving my entire life right now (been meaning to post about it). Currently 28 weeks pregnant with twins using this faithfully and NOT ONE STRETCH MARK…NOT ONE!!!!!
Where do i start i love the crystal gel, the mask,the vitamins the growth oil, the daily restorative spray& moisturizer and detangling hydration conditioner!! TMC is my bestie lol..💜
I've been natural for 7 years, a product junkie for 6 for those, and this is hands down the best leave-in I've come across. I can't actually bring myself to rinse it out, though lol!
Listen…I just used this kit…and my God! My child's dry hard hair was left soft and extremely moisturized. That reconstructor??? Apho-who is correct. I will be restocking up on these.
I have bought these products and my beard is on another level its soft and shine is crazy. My beard has grown fuller. Finally a real product that works. Lol i don't get paid to say this.
I started taking these last month. I had a spot that wouldn't grow for YEARS!! I was shocked to look today and see hair growing!! I will be getting more for myself and my Momma!! Thanks!!
I love the pink lemonade collection 😍 I’ve been using The Mane Choice products for a while and I am loving my results. Growth + popping curls = happy me ☺️💜 my hair is healthier than ever
Those shears?! The bomb dot com! Had mine since they were launched and you're going to absolutely LOVE them! @courtneyadeleye put a lot of thought into the design and your hair will thank you!
So I used my ancient Egyptian product last week (thanks for the fast shipping) and I could not believe how soft my curls were. I kept swnging my little fro just to smell my hair🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 it
Just started growing my beard and my girlfriend got both of these for me.... PERFECT combo!! Smells AMAZING and the shine is on POINT. Good stuff✊🏽💪🏽. I’ll definitely be keeping this on deck!
Best shampoo I have ever tried hands down. It doesn't strip your hair it leaves it feeling soft, manageable, and healthy. In love with this line and cannot wait to try more products @themanechoice
@themanechoice These products have saved my life. My daughter's wash days has became so much easier. She has 4C hair. Her hair is much easier to manage now. Btw growth is also a plus with The Main Choice.😍
THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. Nothing has kept my hair hydrated like the sealing cream! Usually at the end of the day it was as dry as a brillo pad but with this I can go 3 days without having to rehydrate my hair
I have the shampoo, hair mist, oh but that mask!!!!!! Is life to my hair! I’ve never had a deep conditioner that bomb EVER!! Y’all outdid yourselves with that one! That mask has an anointing lol 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💜💜💜
This kit right here smh, i used it on me and baes hair , when i tell you it gives you shine, softness, just everything and he has long hair and it felt fuller and so smooth. 😍 this is a must, oh and we got a deal!
Hands down THEE best thing I’ve ever put in my hair! My hair felt like the Pharaoh or Nefertiti herself came out of the tomb and touched my hair and said “let there be nourishment”! Aghhhh! I’m so glad I tried it!!
This WHOLE line is amazing! I legit am in the process of giving away my other hair products. Every single one of their products I've used has done wonders. But this new line has my hair super extra soft. Believe the hype!!!
This glistening gel lives up to its name! It has been a saver especially on my dry hair. I use it for twist outs on dry hair and all I need is less than 24hrs, my curls be popping, shiny and SHARP. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ I need to restock
Love love love this! I used the split ends treatment and when I went to my hair stylist, she was like hmm I haven't trimmed your hair in several months but you don't even need a trim! Your ends are so healthy! Thank you Mane Choice!
Joy Bennett
Just bought this line for my 15 year old daughters hair and I'm SUPER impressed. She is a true, extremely tender headed, 4c girl and these products made her hair so soft and manageable. Thank you so much for creating this line. @themanechoice
I bought the whole Heavenly Halo collection. 3 weeks in and the shedding and tangles are less and less with each week's regiment. I'm loving it more with each use. In the words of Blaine and Antoine, I'm giving this collection 2 snaps! 👍🏽👍🏽
Deep conditioner 🔥🔥, leave in🔥🔥 and the BUTTERY GEL💣💣💣💣💣. My wash and go is three days old and the definition is crazy and minimal frizz. This is a game changer. Thank you for a line that I finally love and will always keep in my stash.💜💜💜💜
LOVE THIS GLAZE! I've recently fell back in love with my twistouts once I started using this! Shiney, juicy, defined twistout lasts a full week, which includes 3-4 days of working out (throw the hair up in a pineapple, put on a headband and I'm good to go!).
My mother just purchased this shampoo (along with the the courageous conditioner) at Circle Of Sisters earlier this month. I simply had to try it and I must say.....This shampoo cleansed and lathered SO nicely and felt like BUTTER in my hair!!! #ImStillShook 😍💁🏽‍♀️
I love this line from y'all. This is the first line I tried and I just love it. My hair loves it too. My hair is really thick when it's dry and I wasn't able to put my hair in a ponytail until I used products fromthis line. I will forever be #teampurple for life. #TEAMPURPLEBOTTLEFRLIFE
This mask is the best one I have ever used! I start to use it now before and after my protective style...and it helps to SUPER moisturize my hair😍. I lovvveeee this whole line. I've searched for a product to help my hair because it gets suppper dry now that it has length. THIS IS THE ONE😍😘
@themanechoice I used your products for the first time last week and I LOVE THEM. I have the Detangling Hydration Shampoo and Conditoner as well as they 3-in-1 Revitalize & Refresh Conditioner which I use as my leave in and I LOVE THEM ALL! I have naturaly curlly ahir and your products are truly loved by my hair! (purple heart)
I LITERALLY just put this on. OMG I can't believe how AMAZING this stuff is. I have REALLY dry skin and I usually use the thick Nivea lotion because it's the only thing that will work. But bye bye Nivea and hello Heavenly Halo. Im laying in bed alone but this stuff makes me feel like a man here with me the way I keep rubbing my skin 💜😩🙌🏾
@themanechoice this oil is the truth! I was flat twisting my hair and I was looking at my problem area around my edges. I can already see my hair growing in that area. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I looked in another mirror with brighter lights. Its actually working!!! I am very pleased😊🤗👏🏽 I've found my replacement to JBCO
I love these vitamins. I have to be honest. I have been using Mane Choice consistent for about 6 months. These products are amazing! I went to the salong for a trim after ONE YEAR, and I had no damage just a little unevenness (if that's a word) lol…These products have been so great to my hair even when I'm not. Thank you honestly for such an amazing line. I'm a customer for life.
I bought the leave in and the buttery gel for the first time and my hair looked gorgeous for my cousin’s baby shower. I didn’t know what to expect. My wash and go was the bomb and my curls were super defined. This gel defines every coil and when it dries, my hair softens up but keeps the definition. Just when I thought the orchid gel wouldn’t let me down, this just went above and beyond. My hair was perfection. With all the weaves and hairstyles around me, I definitely felt like I was in a class of my own with my natural waves and curls just working it!!! 💁🏽‍♀️